October 18, 2014

Iceland part II


As I mentioned in my last Iceland post, we were in Reykjavik the first day and for a few hours the last day. I was so tired the first day that I had to go to bed early so I didn't get to see much. I was able to snap some photos the last day though.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the vegetarian options in the restaurants we went to! The first day I had vegan toast, not something you would find in my hometown exactly. Then in the evening I can't even remember what I ate because I was so tired. The second day I had a "bygotto" (risotto but with barley instead of rice). Even in the lobster restaurant they had a vegetarian option. I was pretty impressed. It's not often that I eat this good food whilst traveling. And in Sweden I'm used to having goat cheese and mushrooms in most dishes (ok, that might be an exaggeration but I hate goat cheese with a passion).

I also mentioned that we saw Northern lights. Twice. The photo below was taken the second time. The first time, we were outside for two minutes and I was thinking that we were probably NEVER going to see one. But suddenly, to my surprise, we saw the unmistakable green formation up in the sky (we literally had been outside two minutes). So lucky. I had of course forgotten my battery in our room so I ran in to get it. I was struggling with my tripod so those images came out a bit shaky. But it was so cool to see it for real. I was better prepared the second time but my tripod still didn't want to cooperate.

Make sure to click the images to view them larger!

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2947/15328368819_1d41cd2eb2_b.jpg https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5602/15512569571_b25737faeb_b.jpg
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  1. Oh the beauty of northern countries is incredible. Thanks for sharing! :)
    x Julie

  2. You are lucky to see all that beauty! It ia my dream to visit Scandinavia...

  3. This looks so amazing. I have always wanted to go to Iceland!


  4. Oh my goodness, you have my heart swooning. These are so majestic and so lovely.

  5. Makes me wanna travel straight away to Iceland. :)

  6. Hi , I just saw your beautiful Blog! Wow, congrats !
    Hope to visit Iceland one day :) <3

  7. So beautiful! I'm sure you've heard of it but if not, I think you'd love the Steller app :).

  8. så fine bilder, linda! er såååååå suugeeen på island!

  9. Hei, utrolig vakre bilder! Jeg leste den første Islandsposten dagen etter at jeg selv kom tilbake fra en weekend i Reykjavik – perfekt timing for å forlenge reisefølelsen litt til. Så takk for det. Jeg kjenner meg igjen i mange av bildene, og tror til og med vi har lunchet på samme sted :)

  10. Hi Linda,
    I am in the middle of planning a 10 day trip to Iceland over the Holidays this December, for my boss, wife and 2 kids. They will be glad to find good vegan dishes. Thanks for sharing your great photos.

  11. Iceland looks so calm, dreary, and charming... You are so lucky to see the Northern Lights! I can't wait to one day.


  12. Oh wow...these pics are so so beautiful!! They really make me wanna change the Mediterranean with this nordic sea for a while!!

    Tanti saluti from Italy,

  13. It must be amazing to see northern lights. One of my dreams. Thanks for sharing :)



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