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Fluffy sponge cake with balsamico strawberries
Mini princess cakes
Toscakaka - Swedish almond caramel cake
Pear cardamom cake with brown butter frosting and chocolate glaze
Triple chocolate cake
Brown butter chocolate chip cake with bourbon caramel frosting
Crêpe cake with dulce de leche and ricotta
Gluten-free almond cake with chocolate fudge frosting
Easy rhubarb cake
Chocolate nutella vertical roll cake
Rhubarb strawberry vertical roll cake
Vegan no-bake chocolate mousse cake
Vegan no-bake blueberry lemon cheesecake
Chocolate cake with crunchy caramel popcorn
Kladdkaka - Swedish chocolate cake
Black Forest gâteau
Strawberry cream roll
Peach bundt cake with lemon glaze and lavender
Strawberry elderflower cake
Neapolitan cake
Strawberry pavlova
Carrot cake deluxe
Clementine cake
Soft gingerbread cake
Chocolate cake with dulce de leche and sea salt
Vanilla ice cream cake with raspberries, pistachios, meringue drops and raspberry sauce
No-bake strawberry cheesecake
6-layer funfetti ombre cake
Baked Alaska
Chocolate mascarpone cake with berries
Apple cake with cinnamon sugar
Chocolate bundt cake with ganache glaze
Tiramisù cake
Chocolate cake with mascarpone frosting
Pink lime cake with cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes
Summer cake with berries
Cherry vanilla cake
No-bake berry cheesecake
Guinness chocolate cake
Cherry pavlova
Chocolate caramel cheesecake
Hummingbird cake
Pink rainbow cake
Chocolate cake deluxe
Tiramisú cake
Red velvet cake
Lemon yoghurt bundt cakes with lemon glaze

Spiced apple muffins with streusel topping and cinnamon honey butter
Double chocolate banana muffins with mascarpone frosting and bourbon caramel sauce Blueberry lemon muffins with cardamom crumble
Red currant poppy seed muffins
Sourcream rhubarb cupcakes with ginger cream cheese frosting and poached rhubarb
Double chocolate muffins (and chocolate chip cookies)
Blondie cupcakes with raspberry buttercream
Perfect espresso chocolate cupcakes
S'mores cupcakes
Blackberry cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes (buttercream roses)
Chocolate cherry cupcakes
Strawberry cupcakes
Banana cupcakes with caramel frosting
Hazelnut chocolate cupcakes
Chai cupcakes
Blueberry lemon cupcakes
Apple spice caramel cupcakes
Oreo cupcakes
Mocha cupcakes with mascarpone frosting
Tiramisu cupcakes

Strawberry rhubarb pie with elderflower
Rhubarb crumble
Blood orange galette with frangipane filling
Blackberry galette
Gluten free red currant crumble
Easy stone fruit tarts
The best berry pie
Mini strawberry galettes

Candy cane chocolate cookies
Chocolate chip cookies (IMPROVED RECIPE!)
Best Ever skillet-baked chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate cookies with dulce de leche
Chocolate crinkles
Peanut butter chocolate cookies
Chewy chocolate chip cookies
Lime lemon macarons
Chocolate macarons with salted butter caramel filling
Chocolate cookies or "chokladsnittar"
Orange clove chocolate macarons
Cardamom coffee macarons
Chocolate macarons with sea salt
Basic macaron recipe
Orange almond biscotti

Butterkaka - cinnamon bun cake with almond paste and vanilla custard
Strawberry buttermilk pancakes with elderflower and poached rhubarb
Lemon ricotta pancakes
Strawberry peach popsicles with coconut milk
Herbal and floral ice cubes
Blackberry ice cream
Eton mess
Swedish semlor (NEW AND IMPROVED!)
Citrus curd
Chocolate swirl meringues
Churros with chocolate dip
Cinnamon buns (NEW AND IMPROVED!)
Homemade granola
Lilac sugar
Baileys panna cotta
Tiramisu trifles
Blueberry banana smoothie
Coconut pancakes
Blueberry lemon waffles
French toast
Swedish Semlor
Vanilla extract II
Hot chocolate spoons
Four layer nougat bars
Raspberry cheesecake brownie
Cherry trifles
Mango icecream
Berry cheesecake icecream
Chocolate pudding
Lemon meringue pie
Iced vanilla coffee
Spice cake with poached pears and cardamom cream
Chocolate liquorice cake with raspberry ice cream
Walnut, caramel and chocolate tartelettes
Lemon curd
Double chocolate and pecan brownies
Homemade vanilla extract

Gluten-free almond cake with chocolate fudge frosting
Lemon ricotta pancakes
Vegan no-bake chocolate mousse cake
Vegan no-bake blueberry lemon cheesecake
Kladdkaka - Swedish chocolate cake
Strawberry peach popsicles with coconut milk
Gluten free red currant crumble
Chocolate swirl meringues
Clementine cake
Mango icecream
Berry cheesecake icecream
Chocolate pudding
Lime lemon macarons
Chocolate macarons with salted butter caramel filling

Lussekatter - Saffron buns with buttermilk
DIY - Edible gifts in jars
Easy gingerbread latte
Hot Dulce de leche
Easy chai latte
Hot chocolate with cinnamon and orange liqueur
Gingerbread bundt cake with lingonberries
Saffron cinnamon wreath and Swedish Lussekatter (saffron buns)
Candy cane chocolate cookies
Soft gingerbread cake
"Lussekatter", vanilla saffron buns and almond paste saffron rolls
DIY gift - Homemade vanilla extract
DIY gift - Hot chocolate spoons
Candy cane icecream
Edible gift idea & brownie recipe

Corn on the cob with chili and garlic butter

How to fill and cover a cake with frosting
How to pipe a rose cupcake

Croatia photography & styling workshop
Iceland part II
Iceland part I

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