September 19, 2013

Corn on the cob with chili garlic butter, parmesan cheese and lime

I love corn on the cob with butter. Even as a snack. With garlic butter - even better.

Sometimes when I read other food blogs, I envy all great stories and memories about food. Seems like I am the only one with very few food related memories.
Somehow I started thinking about this today. I ate food as a kid, how come I don't really remember anything?
Well, you see, I decided to stop eating meat when I was nine and food was sometimes a struggle for me (mostly because I was so picky).
I remember (see, a memory, but not a good one) eating "pytt i panna" (a mix of diced potatoes and meat) in school one day and being disgusted by it. I couldn't chew it.  From then on I stopped eating meat. Or at least I tried.
It wasn't so common that people ate vegetarian food back then (not as far as I knew at least) as it is now.
People around me didn't really know how to deal with it.
"It'll pass, it's just a phase" I was told.
But it didn't pass.

Years went by and I still removed the meat as much as possible from my food.
I remember one certain lady who worked in the school kitchen.
Her name was Hillevi. She took extra good care of me and made me fried potatoes - my favorite.
I was very particular back then and didn't eat too many vegetables which made it even more difficult. But I sure loved those potatoes and had no problem eating them every day.
When I started high school my school actually served vegetarian food. And when I say that I don't mean a leaf of lettuce and a carrot, but real, hearty vegetarian food. I learned to eat so many things there that I had never even tasted before. I guess it has to do with age too.

Corn on the cob with chili garlic butter, parmesan cheese and lime

For the butter:
75 g soft butter
1 clove garlic
1/2-1 tsp chili powder (or fresh chili if you prefer that)
sea salt

For the corn:
2-4 corn husks

Parmesan cheese, grated
1 lime

Mix soft butter with crushed/minced garlic, chili powder, sea salt and pepper. Put in the fridge for a little while.

Heat oven to 175°C (350F). Roast corn in husk for 30-35 minutes. Remove husks, and serve with the butter and a squeeze of lime juice.

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  1. beautiful pictures <3 and great recipe.

  2. The pictures are awesome: there's an awesome atmosphere.
    I'm wondering how you take those pictures.

    1. Thank you so much! The trick is to keep the light source minimal. I have huge windows in my living room and pull down the drapes on all windows except for one :-) Pictures are backlit btw!

  3. Oh my god, I sooo adore these pictures! Looking like Vanitas-Paintings! Fantastic lighting and I would love it to see the last one in colour. <3

    Keep up this awesome work!

    1. Thank you so much Jasmin! <3 The light was great that day :-)

  4. Corn is a great food to dress up - It's sweet, almost buttery, and has a hint of savory just enough to make it the perfect candidate for dressing up with zesty ingredients. I've been seeing this trend as appetizers in restaurants over the summer and I'm glad it's still going!

    1. So true! What a great description :-)

  5. stunning images and a I do love a good corn cob!

  6. Wow! Great pictures! I really love the style! Make this easy dish more fun to make myself. Yum.



  7. Wow, what an amazing and inspiring blog you have! Having seen it in Elle Decoration UK I thought I had better check it out and I am so pleased I have. Well and truly added to my favourite blogs list, thank you!!

    1. Yay! So happy to have you here :-) So the issue of ELLE is out now?! Need to get my hands on it. xo

  8. I was also reading about you in Elle Decoration yesterday, while at a Craft fair yesterday. Love your blog, the photographs are amazing. My mouth is watering now, must do something about dinner! Think I'm in the right place to be inspired!!!

    1. Yay!! So happy you enjoy my blog :-)
      x Linda

  9. you are talented girl!
    a kiss fron Italy!

  10. I love simple recipe`s like this...and can only repeat what has been said before me, beautiful pictures...Corn never looked that good=)
    Greatings from Kenia

  11. WOW, beautiful photos ! ! !

  12. Beautiful and great light. Indeed.

  13. Remarkable photos, Linda! You are so inspiring! :-)


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